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National Apprenticeship Week “You’re Fired”

Posted by: Letterworks on: 26th February 2010

The beginning of February saw the National Apprenticeship Week and with the terrible skills shortage, I thought why not bring some young talent onboard. Look, back in the day I was a young journeyman, learning my trade from the old codgers who teach you the stuff that no education can. Well, running a modern graphics studio and print room in the heart of Silicon Valley UK, with graphic departments at colleges in Reading, Newbury and Slough I didn’t think there could be any shortage of graphic design courses to choose a candidate from. So I called the man from the government agency and he say NO! Graphic design courses haven’t been adopted by any of the local colleges for apprentices. My heart sank, here you have a willing employer and I know there are plenty of potential applicants but it just can’t be brought together.

Honestly, if it can’t happen for a company in central Reading where can it happen? Our youngsters deserve better.

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