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TFM&A v Publishing Expo

Posted by: Letterworks on: 27th February 2010

Is it me, or are the organisers of major shows just not communicating?

I like to think of Letterworks as being a forward thinking company who likes to keep abreast of new technology in this ever changing environment. It was a tough call therefore to decide between the two trade exhibitions being held on virtually the same days in different locations, both representing key areas in my company’s development. I can’t take out two days, so it was only one to choose. This industry is tough enough as it is, so please organisers, don’t make it even more difficult for the exhibitors and attendees than it already is!

As it goes, TFM&A (Technology for Marketing & Advertising) won the toss and I did find the day encouragingly busy, even frenetic. Good to see the numbers are back to this level after visiting shows recently that are worryingly quiet. Plenty of innovative products and services to inspire me and frighten the FD!

As a producer of display graphics, I can’t help but notice the varying quality of the show stand displays and print collateral. Of course the major players have everything you’d expect but one of the smaller exhibitors had gone to no trouble at all. Three or four laser printed colour copies pinned on the wall of their stand plus a plain white unprinted folder with one A4 colour laser copied sheet pretending to be a leaflet. If that particular marketing software company cannot invest in their own company image and collateral then why would I invest in them? A false economy if ever I saw one!

Did I make the right choice for the day?…I’ll probably never know, but it was a worthwhile, informative day at TFM&A.

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