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Renew that domain name before someone else does

Posted by: Letterworks on: 9th March 2010

Letterworks was first online back in the late 90s and naturally we hoped to get the .com as well as the .co.uk domain. Unfortunately, letterworks.com was already taken by an embroidery producing company in the US, so I put that to the back of my mind and decided that if they should ever relinquish the name I’d want to buy it.

So, some years and several renewals later it was a surprise to get an email from Network Solutions llc asking if we would like to buy the letterworks.com domain for $6000. A little investigation later, it seems that our American namesake hadn’t renewed and the name was snaffled by this domain dealer who promptly set about selling to the highest bidder. (We politely declined their offer).

Some of the cynics amongst you may want to know more about the methods used by Network Solutions and read about the controversies that surround this company. If so this is documented by Wikipedia here and/or you can read more about the practice of domain name front running, again courtesy of Wikipedia.

After reading the above articles I for one will never ignore a domain renewal notice again and I urge you to do the same. If you don’t buy or renew promptly, somebody else will!

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