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Marketing on Steroids, Delivery on Valium

Posted by: Letterworks on: 16th March 2010

Despite a huge downturn in the print industry one company that has clearly got its act together is the print giant Vistaprint. Recently published financial data shows that sales, profits and the balance sheet bottom line has increased substantially.

What does a print SME like Letterworks learn from the business model of a huge multinational like Vistaprint? I think the answer is in the marketing tactics.

Vistaprints marketing has upsell and cross-sell at every turn. Marketing on steroids I reckon! However the headline FREE items leave much to be desired (21 days delivery for 250 business cards for £3.77 delivery charge). So it’s marketing on steroids but delivery on valium.

Vistaprint truly knows the psychology of buying online and that really shows. Once you’ve made contact, they won’t let you go, so expect constant pestering, oops I meant to say ‘offers that may be of interest to you’.

Whatever you make of Vistaprints modus operandi, their reported 57000 orders per day is gargantuan in any language and I for one will be sneaking some of their ideas into my marketing masterplan (the non-patented ones of course!)

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