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BA and Printers ‘Unite’

Posted by: Letterworks on: 20th March 2010

BA cabin crew are grabbing the headlines for calling industrial action over their revised pay and conditions. I pity the poor travellers who are scuppered by such drastic action, I really do. The results of BA’s action will be felt hard by those affected. Meanwhile over at the far less glamorous world of print, Unite (print and cabin crew share the same union) is calling for BPIF members to receive an RPI linked 3.7% pay increase. This would usually be a reasonable expectation for Unite to make. But in the reality of todays print marketplace, where you’re doing well just to survive, this seemingly modest increase is just not do-able for many print companies. So what should unhappy Unite members do, now that talks between Unite and BPIF have broken down again? Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your view) the impact of presses being switched off in protest just won’t have the massive impact of passengers stranded, honeymoons ruined, holidays and business trips cancelled. Printers have simply lost their power and need to accept the harsh commercial realities of life. Better to forego a payrise but still have a job, in my view.

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