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Social Media replaces ink for Daisy Benson

Posted by: Letterworks on: 6th April 2010

So we have a date from Gordon Brown…the general election is May 6th and many of us printers have had our presses primed and plenty of blue, red or, in our particular case, turquoise and yellow ink held in stock.

Daisy Benson, the Liberal Democrat prospective MP for Reading West has had Letterworks produce traditional print and promotion material for her election campaign. Interestingly, this is the first UK election where social media will play a major part in the canvassing activities of our prospective MPs. What a difference five years make in the cyber world of politics!

Barack Obama set up every possible social media channel for his relatively low budget campaign and we all know what result he got. Taking a leaf out of his book, Daisy Benson has got the lot too, and why not – it’s got to be the most cost effective way to spread your campaign message, so jolly good luck to Daisy in the coming weeks.

Just one small friendly reminder though Daisy, in the words of David Cameron “Too many tweets make a twat” So please keep buying the print as well!

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