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Has the worm finally turned for print?

Posted by: Letterworks on: 5th June 2010

After visiting IPEX at the NEC earlier this month, we seemed to get lots of positives coming out of this bruised and battered industry called print. Show visitors and reported sales orders were encouraging. There was a buzz that has been absent for many a month. The stands and halls, although reduced in size, seemed to evoke a feeling of an industry that had survived the attack and is finally ready to do battle again.

On the same theme, Letterworks had three occasions this week when we gave our price and terms, got told we wouldn’t get the work unless we negotiated (downward of course) and as the printer, we were expected to capitulate and humbly accept whatever was on offer. Well, thankfully, we have enough work to start saying no again. As it goes, we got those three jobs anyhow. But maybe, just maybe the tide has turned in favour of the beleaguered print industry and we can finally return to reasonable deadlines and decent terms.

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