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It’s all about attitude

Posted by: Letterworks on: 30th July 2010

I enjoy watching those fly on the wall business reality shows and last nights ‘Undercover Boss’ was something of a reminder for me as a business owner!

If you’re not familiar with the Channel 4 programme, the chief exec of a major company secretly poses as a trainee and goes back to the shop floor to see how the front-line staff deliver the company message. Many of these companies have had a downturn in sales and last nights subject, Harry Ramsdens’ restaurant chain was no exception.

The CEO of Harry Ramsden, Marija Simovic shadowed staff in several branches, some of which were experiencing a nosedive in trade and were fearful for their future. Despite this, they were all an absolute credit to the company and it highlighted to me that if you get people with the right attitude you can teach and train them, but one thing you can’t easily change is bad attitude. Hats off to Marija and the staff there, they deserve to succeed.

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