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Photobooks – the Next Generation Photo Album?

Posted by: Letterworks on: 14th March 2011

Remember life before digital cameras? When we used to actually take our film in, have it developed and then organise them into photo albums? These days, ‘photo albums’ are generally a link from your Facebook page, or an account on Flickr and drawers full of photos waiting to be put into an albums are a distant memory.

The downside is that often they only ever remain on a computer with the potential of them being lost or overwritten, giving no physical reminder or evidence of the event, holiday or memorable occasion and let’s be honest it really isn’t the same flicking through images on a computer to looking through a photo album with friends and family.

Enter Photobooks – some savvy entrepreneurs recognised that people miss the old photo albums and a Photobook isn’t too different, but instead of developing all your photos one by one and then painstakingly pasting them down onto album pages, photobooks are printed directly onto pages and the pages are bound together as a softback or hardback book.

Letterworks saw the writing on the wall and their recent investment in a full range fastbind photobook finishing kit from Ashgate Automation was featured in a recent press release which you can read here.

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